List of top advertising agencies in the world

What is your feeling when you watch your favorite movie? What type of movie do you watch? Each of us has different types and most of us focus on them. If we find something that interests us we spend much time for it. Have you tried watching advertisements? In the internet, their is a compilation of different kinds of advertisements. You can choose any of them like funny, comedy or heart touching ones. If you will watch the, surely you will be hooked watching it.

Behind this advertisements is the brain, the companies who created them. Companies can be expert of one thing but they cannot really do their own advertising, that is why their are the advertisement companies who manage and design them. It start from planning until its creation they extend much effort in the given time. A credit to them will be including in this article some of the top companies who are advertising in nature and safety in the world. One of them is WPP Group from London that generates an average of $19.0 billion. The ranking was based on the revenues that they generated for a certain year.

Next is Omnicom Group based in New York City with an average revenue of $15.3 billion. Next advertisement agency is Publicis Groupe located in the country Paris having an average revenue amounting to $9.6 billion. Interpublic Group in New York City comes next with a record of about $7.5 billion. Have to ask this security company see this website  Then Dentsu in Tokyo with about $6.0 billion.